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Photography as Memory

After the war, Ross distributed selected photographs from his postwar home in Israel: some of these were published in his book The Last Journey of the Jews of Lodz (1960s); others were submitted as evidence in the 1961 trial of Adolf Eichmann. However, many of Ross’s images were never printed and few have been widely seen.

Ross captured searing images of the trauma of the Holocaust—families starving and painful deportations—but also consoling moments—children playing, people posing, dinner parties, and even celebration. Taken together, this collection reveals the everyday life and struggle of a community under incomprehensible circumstances. It is a complex portrait of life in the ghetto.

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Sorted AscendingArtistTitle Date Accession #
Henryk Ross Chelmno barn1940-19442007/2261
Henryk Ross Deportation, boy in cap, photomontage with synagogueFebruary, 19442007/2231
Henryk Ross Scene of Chelmno1940-19442007/2259
Henryk Ross Ruins of Chelmno (?)1940-19442007/2262
Henryk Ross The trial of Hans Biewbow, former head of the Lodz ghetto's German administration19462007/2282
Henryk Ross Gathering around ghetto official1940-19442007/2050
Henryk Ross After liberation, group portrait of ghetto officials and wivesJanuary 19452007/2274
Henryk Ross Officials on visit1940-19442007/2270
Henryk Ross Boy in cap, with satchel and sack tied to back, walking with winter deportation crowd - side-profileFebruary, 19442007/2230
Henryk Ross Chelmno, brick walls of building1940-19442007/2260
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